The Amat y León Family

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Mother’s Surname
First Name
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Ballon Landa Arrisueño Guillén Alberto 1/20/16
Ballon Landa Arrisueño Guillén Guillermo 5/15/18
Barreto Boggio
Barreto Boggio
Barreto Boggio Hernan
Barreto Boggio Juan Winston
Barreto Boggio
Barreto Boggio
Garaycochea Mascarena Sebastian 2002
Herrera Espinosa Aida
Herrera Espinosa Carlos
Herrera Espinosa Gilda
Herrera Espinosa Guillermo
Herrera Espinosa Hugo
Herrera Espinosa Jorge
Herrera Espinosa Jose
Herrera Espinosa Nelli
León Ponce Jimena 1988
León Ponce Mauricio 1987
León Ponce Monica 1990
Ponce Alejandro
Ponce Jorge
Rubio Garaycochea Jorge Ignacio 1992
Rubio Garaycochea Katerina 7-Jul-1997

Unknown Mother Surname

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