The Amat y León Family

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Los Amat y Leóns

On November 24, 1819, the marriage of Manuel Amat y León and Maria Santos Corrales in Arequipa, Perú, marked the official beginning of the “Amat y León” family history. Both made their mark on Peruvian history: Manuel Amat y León by his bold and patriotic actions for the independence of Perú; and Maria Santos Corrales, who by her sheer beauty and character, was the inspiration of a series of poems that immortalized her as Silvia de Melgar.

Nine children were born of this union. Six generations have produced hundreds of descendants, a testament to the success of this family.

Versión en Castellano

El 24 de Noviembre de 1819, el casamiento de Manuel Amat y León con Maria Santos Corrales en Arequipa, Perú marca oficialmente el comienzo de la historia de la Familia Amat y León. Ambos marcaron su estampa en la historia del Perú: Manuel Amat y León, por sus acciones audaces y patrioticas por la Independencia del Perú; y Maria Santos Corrales, por su belleza y personalidad fina, que fue la inspiración de una serie de poemas que la inmortalizaron como Silvia de Melgar.

Nueve hijos nacieron de esa unión. Seis generaciones han producido cientos de descendientes, indicación del exito de esta familia.

Los Amat y Leóns - Generaciones diferentes

Los Amat y Leóns - Diferentes Generaciones

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  1. Hello All,
    I guess I am a descendant of the Amat y Leon family also but with a different last name. My name is Rolando Chacon Jr. from Lima, Peru. My grandmother on my Dad’s side was Martha Villavicencio. Her brother’s name is Jorge Amat y Leon and last thing I heard was that he was living in Malaga, Spain and has family in Lima. My grandmother was adopted by another family in Cuzco, Peru I think, hence the different last name than from her brother. I am curious to know if anyone knows Jorge Amat y Leon. I am currently living in Germany and will soon be going to Spain to live in February. I am in the military and would love to meet one of my granduncles if he is still alive. Any information would help. Thanks.

    Comment by Rolando | September 16, 2009 | Reply

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